Bat Skeleton Jewelry

Stephanie Inagaki verkauft auf Etsy eine Silber-Halskette in Form eines Fledermaus-Skeletts. Kostet auch nur 9000$, sowas bezahlt Bruce Wayne natürlich aus der Portokasse.

The fruit bat skeleton has been recreated approximately to the actual size from a combination of casting and hand, cold forging silver wire. The tiny finger bones, ribs and leg bones have been meticulously filed, hammered and soldered to replicated the delicate bones of the fruit bat. This wee bat has seen better days and could not keep all its little ribs in tact but is still a feisty little bugger! Watch out for the tiny claws!

The wingspan of the bat is approximately 12." Total height is about 10." The silver chain that goes around the neck is about 10" and the span between the two paws is about 6.5." The clasp of this chain is made out of the thumb talons. The shortest chain that goes around the shoulder and underarm is about 18."

Miyu Decay Sterling Silver Bat Skeleton Necklace (via Marco)