Fossile Whale Brain on Sale for Charity

Vor neun Jahren fand die Dame mit dem fantastischen Namen Pepper O’Shaughnessy am Ufer eines Bachs, der durch das Grundstück der Familie fliesst, ein versteinertes Wal-Hirn. Das zweite überhaupt auf der Welt. Das soll jetzt verkauft werden und vom Geld wollen die O'Shaughnessys eine Therapiestätte für Unfallopfer mit Gehirnschäden aufbauen.

Nine years ago Pepper O’Shaughnessy was exploring a creek that runs through her family’s rural property in southern San Luis Obispo County when she saw something protruding from a sandy bank.

When she pulled the strange-looking object from the sand, she was holding in her hands something that, until recently, science did not even know existed — a fossilized whale brain. Paleontologists with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County call the find amazing.

Even more amazing is the fact that it is one of two fossilized whale brains that have been found in San Luis Obispo County and only in this county. The other was found some 70 years ago near Paso Robles.

“This is the only time in history that we have had the opportunity to look at brains of animals that lived millions of years ago and to make comparisons with their closest living relatives,” said Howell Thomas, a senior artifact preparer at the museum.

Whale of a find – Family hopes fossilized whale brain found in a local creek can be sold to finance the opening of a West Coast center that treats people with traumatic neurological injuries (via Linkswarm)