Bookmarks for 05/01 to 09/01: Dr. Who, Christopher Hitchens, Burning Man and Brigitte Bardot sings

09.01.2012 Misc #Linkdump

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 Youtube Direktburning

Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man! - YouTube: Based on Dr. Seuss's final book before his death, this is a story about life's ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011.

KID ZOOM process on Vimeo: Here's a look at the process Kid Zoom, the Australian born, New York based artist, and his slightly insane cat go through with a painting, start to finish.

MutantLand on Vimeo: As the sun goes down in the dark and terrifying place that is Mutant Land, the creatures roaming this world are on the ultimate search for food.

 Vimeo Direktburrow

Burrow on Vimeo: An uninhibited couple is immersed in the absurd night of the umbelicus.

Dog's Caviar on Vimeo: An old man tries to feed his anarchist dog

Doku: Hashish (Full) - YouTube

The Noise of Cairo (Trailer) on Vimeo: Documentary-Trailer about the art scene in Cairo after the revolution.

Eat The Document - YouTube: Full Bob Dylan film, documenting his now legendary 1966 "Judas" tour

Kutiman - a short film (Thru-You) - YouTube


Locomotive - Place des Arts - Espace culturel - Teaser on Vimeo: Locomotive, the most recent addition to the mosaic screen installation in the foyer of Place des Arts, is a fantastical portrayal of a human machine.
The context resembles an elaborate organic dominos game. It begins with a musical impulse and is accompanied by an inexorable advancement of light.
Human flesh makes up a patchwork of glittering metallic members - which have the luster of new pistons and bolts - engendering a hybrid mass.

Cute Vintage Ice Cream Trucks

People with Lana Del Rey lips

Omniglot - the guide to languages, alphabets and other writing systems

P2P Infrastructure - P2P Foundation

Comic Sans Project: WE ARE THE COMIC SANS DEFENDERS. WE FEAR NO FONTS AND WE WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD COMIC SANS. BECAUSE HELVETICA IS SOOO 2011 - Dik Daniels photos: 1980 Westercon The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: As a vital part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's mission as an educational institution, the Guggenheim Museum's Publications Department publishes books and catalogues to document its exhibitions and collections.

Doctor Who Timeline Infographic | Check out this complete timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to present, including episodes, seasons, companions, villains, and more.

Welcome to the NASA Exoplanet Archive: The NASA Exoplanet Archive collects and serves public data to support the search for and characterization of extra-solar planets (exoplanets) and their host stars. The data include published light curves, images, spectra and parameters, and time-series data from surveys that aim to discover transiting exoplanets.

Scrolling LEGO TV brings minifig Superman to life | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog

Dangerous Minds | Brigitte Bardot Sings': Documentary featuring Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin: This French documentary from 1992 is an enjoyable overview of Brigitte Bardot's forays into pop music. It features insightful interviews with Bardot, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, as well as dozens of clips of Bardot's appearances in TV shows, Scopitones and movies.

Salman Rushdie, Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair, Feb 2012): Salman Rushdie über seinen Freund, Christopher Hitchens.

Christopher Hitchens last Essay: Charles Dickens's Inner Child | Culture | Vanity Fair: While it's tempting to see Charles Dickens as a fusion of his heroes and villains, on the great British novelist's 200th birthday his true gifts should be recognized: a respect for childhood and a willingness to atone for his mistakes.

The WELL: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2012: I often tell people that the mid-century will be about "old people in big cities who are afraid of the sky." I think that's a pretty useful, common-sense, plausible assessment. You may not hear it said much, but it's how things are turning out.