The Occupied Times – Behind the Scenes of Londons Protest Newspaper

Schönes Posting auf Creative Review über die Zeitung zu Occupy London. Im Oktober hatten sie schonmal ein Posting, damals vor allem über die Typo und das Layout von Lazaros Kakoulidis und Tzortzis Rallis. Der Font für die Headlines heisst übrigens Bastard. Sehr schön! Die Website der Occupied Times gibt's hier und da gibt's alle Ausgaben als PDF.

While the designers recognised that the paper needed to represent Occupy London in print, they were keen to design something that would be accessible to people who weren't necessarily familiar with the movement. Too many protest graphics, says Rallis, are designed to talk only to those already involved in political movements. Equally, a definitive identity, coupled with well designed communications material, gives a movement added authority and weight.

"Protest collectives are often limited in terms of their communications," says Rallis, "and in the mainstream media they are often presented incorrectly, even as terrorists in some cases. But graphic design is a way to make people realise that these movements are not like that, that you can present the cause in a better way and make it more approachable to different people."

A newspaper for the times