Robert Brandenburgs „Pooh... and Other Shit“

Die Gallery1988 in Venice, Los Angeles, zeigt derzeit Robert Brandenburgs „Pooh... and Other Shit“. Der Mann kauft Gemälde aus Massenproduktion auf Flomärkten und fügt ihnen mal mehr, mal weniger subtile Popkultur hinzu.

These pictures began as a family tradition of giving each other 'gag gifts' for Christmas; I took cheap oils from a local flea market and embellished them with absurdities. Do I ever feel guilty about painting over someone else's work ? Nope. I only modify artwork and objects that have been mass produced as general consumer goods: these can be found in commercial flea markets, 'starving artists sales' at hotels, the supermarket, or ordered directly from the source (production line paintings made in China).

Robert Brandenburg "Pooh... and Other Sh*t", hier seine Website (via Superpunch)