Peter Sunde: Filesharing-Religion Kopimism inspired by Copyright-Lawyer

Am Mittwoch wurde die schwedische Filesharing-Religion Kopimism offiziell anerkannt, jetzt erzählt Peter Sunde (Mitbegründer und ehemaliges Aushängeschild von The Pirate Bay) in seinem Blog ein bisschen was zu den Wurzeln der Religion: Eine Anwältin der Filmindustrie (und Scientology).

The idea behind this church comes from a quite unexpected source, you will probably not be able to guess whom. It’s funny.

In an interview in 2007 or 2008 (I believe, not sure about the date) the swedish lawyer for the MPAA, Monique Wasted, got a question about her views on the people advocating file sharing. Her answer was that “It’s just a few people, very loud. They’re a cult. They call themselves Kopimists.”

She called file sharers “a cult”. But she should know, because besides working for Hollywood she’s also been working as a swedish legal counsil for the church of Scientology. She has for instance helped them sue the swedish government over copyright infringement for putting their bible up as publicly viewable evidence in a court case.

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