Bonnie and Clydes Guns for Sale

Ich hab's nicht so sehr mit Waffen und bin generell eher Pazifist und alles, aber ich bin auch so schizo und liebe Bonnie und Clyde. Und jetzt werden zwei ihrer Knarren versteigert, die bei einer Polizeiaktion fast genau ein Jahr vor dem berühmten Hinterhalt auf einer Landstraße in Louisiana sichergestellt wurden. Vom History Blog:

The Joplin raid was what made Bonnie and Clyde famous. Before then they were small time local thieves and murderers. When the police organized the raid, they were just following up on complaints from neighbors about their loud, drunken parties and the occasional round of fire from a Browning Automatic Rifle. A total of five officers drove up to the hideout. They were no match for the hail of automatic bullets that came their way. The gang shot their way out, killing two of the officers.

They left all their stuff behind, including an impressive cache of weapons and several rolls of film. All the pictures you’ve seen of Bonnie and Clyde clowning around pointing guns at each other, of Bonnie chewing a cigar with her foot on the bumper of their car came from those rolls of film. They were widely printed all over the country and new criminal superstars were born.

The sellers are Mark Lairmore and his sisters, the great-grandchildren of Milton L. Lairmore, a Tulsa police detective who had been wounded in the leg during the failed raid on Pretty Boy Floyd in Bixby, Oklahoma, in 1932. Lairmore, who was captain of the Tulsa PD’s pistol team and in charge of the department arsenal, received the Tommy gun and Winchester from an unnamed police officer who seized them after the Joplin raid.

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