The Reprisalizer – Fake 70s Hardboiled-Crime Pulp-Series

Ich hab' keine wirkliche Ahnung, was auf The Reprisalizer vor sich geht, ich weiß nur, dass er eine Fake-Pulp-Serie von einem englischen Comedy-Dings ist und super aussieht.

Von DJ Food:

Garth Marenghi (of Dark Place fame) has a new site up for a series of fictitious pulp detective novels called ‘The Reprisalizer’ in ‘the violent paperback worlds of Terry Finch‘. The Reprisalizer, aka Bob Shuter, is a throwback to the 70′s in the same way as Life On Mars was, think The Sweeney crossed with The Equalizer, set in Kent. There’s also a gunslinger character called Draw too – ‘one man whirlwind of the west’.

The site is beautifully realised with excerpts from old novels on yellowing pages, reverse covers, a biog of Finch with ‘praise for the author’ and even vintage fanzines from the 80′s supposedly commemorating the books. Apparently the recent ‘A Gun For George’ film is also tied into this but I’ve not seen it yet and there are ebooks and podcasts promised as ‘coming soon’ too.