C64 Crackers Map

Der Australier Jazzcat hat eine detailierte Historie der wichtigsten Cracker-Crews der C64-Szene aufgeschrieben (via Superlevel), inklusive Downloads aller Cracks der Gruppen! Ich war grade etwas erstaunt, dass alle Releases meiner ehemaligen Kollegen von Genesis*Project nur 31MB groß sind, andererseits passt da natürlich eine Menge rein, wenn der RAM grade mal 64KB groß ist.

Inspired by the work of Nosah/DCS through the classic paper magazine from the late eighties called Iguana - this segment will focus on the major scene countries’ cracking groups and their members, how they started, what they did and why they are remembered. Each group will have primary detail, in some cases directly from the people involved, as well as some interesting trivia dug up from the depths of time. Rather than being mislead by unreliable information, enjoy the facts about the glory days of pirating.

Ich hab da jetzt zwei Stunden drin rumgelesen und in Erinnerungen geschwelgt, soweit ich das aus meiner aktiven Zeit als Member von G*P sagen kann (so 1987-89 als Swapper und Grafiker, dann fing das mit Mädchen und Musik an und ich hab' das Interesse verloren) sind die Storys und Anekdoten alle korrekt. Die Liste der deutschen Cracker-Crews ist am ausführlichsten, unsere Szene war tatsächlich damals weltweit die aktivste und der German Cracking Service (GCS) war – wenn ich mich nicht irre – nach Eagle Soft die zweite Gruppe überhaupt.

Nach dem Klick ein paar alte Bekannte von Genesis*Project von mir. Übrigens: „Bad Taste is [G*Ps] fake label“. Als ich damals bei Antichrift/OMG zu Besuch war, habe ich zum ersten mal von einem gewissen Peter Jackson gehört und auf einem zehnmal kopierten VHS-Tape einen Film gesehen, den der damals mit ein paar tausend Dollar und ein paar Freunden gedreht hatte: Bad Taste.


A well known group that had a huge influence on the cracking, demo and magazine aspects of our scene. Founded in 1986 by The Nasty Ounk, Catman and TNT, the group expanded outside of Germany to have divisions in most major scene countries. The main architect of the group was TNT, who later renamed to Antichrist. He was the editor of the first real C64 scene diskmag called Sex'n'Crime, later he became the editor of Propaganda and Bad News.

G*P has had some great members over the years. Bizzmo, Deek, Raistlin, S.E.S, Snacky, The Goblin and Tyger were only some of the guys involved in first releasing cracks on the boards (NTSC partnered with the likes of Exodus and ATC) and releasing memorable demos like Spritemania.

The group were also known for having many wars, mainly through Antichrist (also under his OMG/Amok pseudonym). One of their most famous wars was with Fairlight when G*P released one of the Fairlight produced games called Rubicon.

Other interesting facts about the group were that Sorceress was the sysop of their BBS called Mystic Cavern. She built a special relationship with Antichrist (to the point where members could not call their leader due to the phone-line being so busy) and eventually they got together and were married in 1993!

After around 600 releases, the group dissolved in February 1995 with most of the active members like Newscopy, Walker, Scope and Motley all leaving for F4CG. The group was never officially declared dead and in 2009 were re-activated through some new membership and the organising of the Datastorm 2010 party in Sweden.


* Graphician Scope was found dead in a subway in March 1995. Foulplay is suspected as there was signs of a beating (REST IN PEACE MATHIAS).

* Raistlin was one of the programmers who developed Test Drive 4 and 5 for the Playstation.

* They had several groups within their own. Bad Taste is their fake label, whilst Amok was their game development team.

* The group had cracking cooperation with Fire-Eagle and Crazy (the latter lasting only three weeks, before ending in February 1990).

* Also, forgot to mention the large war between G*P and CRAZY, mainly fought through the magazines Propaganda and Mamba. Remember the anti-Mamba intro by S.E.S?

* Boozer/G*P was a neo-Nazi skinhead and went to jail after he torched an immigrant shelter.

* After his parents' house was raided twice by the KRIPO (the German version of the FBI), TNT pretended to have left all illegal activities behind, but secretly continued on as Antichrist/G*P, while officially being involved in legal activities only under the handle OMG/Amok. When rumours spread that OMG and Antichrist were one and the same person, he went through great lengths to keep the truth hidden, for fear of getting busted by the police again. He asked one of his school friends to come to Venlo meetings with him and pretend to be Antichrist, so that OMG and Antichrist could be seen in the same place at the same time. He also created a completely different hand writing style to fool anyone who received disks from OMG and Antichrist. It worked. The Arrogance told OMG on the phone once that he had proof that OMG and Antichrist were 2 different people: He swapped with both of them, and their hand writing was different.

* The first issue of Propaganda was published under the file name Mamba, to fool people into downloading it and to maximize the surprise factor of Propaganda's anti-Mamba intro.

* Remember MWS's discussion with pirate hunter Gravenreuth on the German TV show Highscore? The show's producers also asked Antichrist/OMG if he would like to debate a skinhead on Highscore, after he had published an anti-skinhead article in Sex'n'Crime. Antichrist/OMG declined.

* Snacky's English wasn't the best back then, so he often asked Antichrist/OMG to write the scroll texts for him.

* When Snacky invented IFFL, he didn't know what to call it, so he asked Antichrist/OMG to come up with a name. Antichrist/OMG didn't understand the fundamentals of Snacky's new technique, so he thought up a term so vague, it could mean anything: Interactive Flexible File Linking or IFFL.

* Many cracking groups artificially inflated the number of trainers they added to a game. Snacky refused to double count his trainers. So a G*P crack with unlimited lives, unlimited ammo and a level skip would be a +3, while some other group might count unlimited lives, unlimited bullets, unlimited grenades, unlimited bombs as a +4. G*P's +3 would be better than some other group's +4, because G*P's +3 had a level skip, and the other group's inferior +4 did not. To avoid having to argue with people why G*P's +3 was better than someone else's +4, Antichrist/OMG coined the term JEWEL to designate the ultimate, supreme version of a game. The idea behind it was that people should know that when searching for the best crack of a game, they won't find a better version than a JEWEL.

* Whenever Antichrist/OMG asked anyone to join G*P, they usually agreed. The only three people to ever refuse an invitation to join G*P were Jihad/Hitmen, Derbyshire Ram and Fungus.

* Antichrist/OMG received a lot of requests from people to join G*P, but he turned most of them down because he was afraid that if there were too many members, communication would break down, and the group would splinter into localized sub-groups. Antichrist/OMG's most regrettable error came when he turned down an unknown British group called Twilight Zone who wanted to join G*P. After Antichrist/OMG rejected them, they joined the Dominators, and Twilight Zone's NME released many first releases for Dominators that could have been G*P first releases.

* After Antichrist/OMG quit the scene, Newscopy took over as the editor of Propaganda. To add authenticity and a sense of continuity to Propaganda under new leadership, Newscopy wrote several articles under the name Antichrist, to create the illusion that Antichrist was still involved in the making of Propaganda.

* After Antichrist/OMG moved to America, he became a cartoonist and published several books. You can find some of his cartoons on his website: http://www.gaspirtz.com

* During his C64 days, Deek/G*P worked in his parents' graphic design company. In his spare time he liked to play the guitar. Later he became a musician in a Scottish blues band called Boogaloo Investigators.

* Goblin/G*P became a big party organizer and promoter in Paris. He was involved in some very large open air music festivals (similar to Woodstock) all over Europe.

* The Punisher/G*P became a successful DJ. After he quit the C64 scene he published a CD with his music, called Genesis Project.