Balsa Wood-Letters in Amber

Andreas Scheigers Anatomie-Typo hatte ich vor mehr als einem Jahr schonmal, seit dem hat sich einiges getan. Die Serie nennt sich „Evolution of Type“ und der neueste Teil sind Buchstaben aus Balsaholz in künstlichem Bernstein aus Polyester-Glas. Schick!

Exhibit 16/1-9 of my project series "Evolution of Type" is my first experiment with polyester glass casting resin. It´s a sticky business and the form is half the win. I cut some letters, then covered a stone in plasticine, took the stone out and used the plasticine as a mold. Working with polyester glass resin is tricky when it comes to coloring, timing and calculating the amount of hardener. Since the liquid resin is a yellowish substance - which gets clear while hardening - it is hard to estimate how much color to mix in. While adding more hardener speeds up the hardening process this heats up the casting block considerably which in turn might result in a cracked piece. I guess everyone working with this material had to learn some lesson. I deliberately included some air bubbles, bread crumbs and pepper in the liquid resin to make it look like natural amber.

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