Stolen E.T. comes home

04.01.2012 Misc #Crime #E.T.

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Margaret Wells wurde im September ihr E.T. aus dem Vorgarten geklaut, den ihre Tochter für sie gebastelt hatte. Jetzt hat ihn die Polizei aus dem Meer gefischt und nach Hause gebracht.

Pensioner Margaret Wells, 76, is delighted to have been reunited with her beloved E.T. which was handcrafted by her daughter nine years ago. It was stolen - along with a haul of jewellery and an iron - from Mrs Wells' home in Cosham, Hants, in September. Police have now ensured the extra-terrestrial came home after it was spotted in the sea five miles away off Old Portsmouth, Hants.

Life-size replica of E.T. washes up (via Ronny)