Genderswapped Steve Jobs-Manga: Chocolate Apple

It's a Girl! Von Crunchyroll: Manga Tribute to Steve Jobs Depicts Apple Co-founder as a Woman (via The Beat)

Chocolate Apple 1991-2011, which was released during this past weekend's Comiket, the largest convention dedicated to self-published work in Japan. The story centers on the author's discovery of Apple computers and Photoshop during his time in high school and as is common to such Japanese tributes, reinterprets Steve Jobs as a cute woman with an eye for detail and execution with the sometimes volatile personality that he was known for.

The comic is available via Japanese mail-order consignment services such as Toranoana and Comic Zin, but I haven't been able to find a mail-order service that will ship to the US quite yet.

Seit einer Woche geht übrigens auch eine neue, inoffizielle Steve Jobs-Actionfigur rum. Fand ich aber langweilig, Jobs-Actionfiguren gabs schon tausenddreihundertvierundachtzig mal. Dann doch lieber Steve als Manga-Mädchen.