Kids transform a White Room with colored Stickers

Tolle Installation von Yayoi Kusama in der Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. Dort hat sie einen Raum wie ein Wohnzimmer eingerichtet, komplett weiß angemalt und gibt dann den besuchenden Kids bunte runde Sticker, mit denen sie den Raum bekleben. Die Ausstellung läuft noch bis 11. März.

This December, in a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing installation for the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large domestic environment, painting every wall, chair, table, piano, and household decoration a brilliant white, effectively serving as a giant white canvas. Over the course of two weeks, the museum’s smallest visitors were given thousands upon thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, turning the house into a vibrantly mottled explosion of color.

This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids, hier die Website zur Ausstellung: Look now, see forever