Photos from unsecured russian Rocket Plant

Ein paar russische Blogger sind nachts einfach mal so in eine unbewachte Raketenproduktion gelatscht, deren Wachpersonal irgendwo anders war und Sicherheitskameras auch grade Pause machten, und haben dort tonnenweise Bilder geschossen. Die Bilder gibt's auf Livejournal, die besorgten russischen Bürokraten gibt's von Reuters:

Blogger Lana Sator said she and friends met not a soul, much less any security guards, as they roamed around state rocket-maker Energomash's plant, snapping pictures, on five separate night-time excursions in recent months.

She posted almost 100 pictures of decrepit-looking hardware from inside a rusted engine-fuel testing tower, the plant's control room and even its roof at

Russian media cited a senior space agency official, speaking anonymously, who described the breach as a shock of the same scale as German pilot Mathias Rust's brazen Cessna flight under Soviet radar to land on Red Square in 1987.

ОАО "НПО Энергомаш", Russian officials rattled by breach at rocket plant (via /.)