Osechi Ryori: Traditional Japanese New Years-Cuisine

Danny Choo hat ein paar Bilder von Osechi Ryori gepostet, einem traditionellen japanischen Neujahrsessen.

Osechi Ryori [御節料理[おせちりょうり]] is a traditional Japanese cuisine that is eaten at the beginning of the year. It is characterized by being served in a 3 tiered box which is stacked before and after eating. The contents are usually eaten over a few days and consist of items like Daidai [橙[だいだい]] (Japanese bitter orange), Kamaboko [蒲鉾[かまぼこ]] (broiled fish cake), prawns and so on which are all cold when consumed.

The price of Osechi Ryori ranges depending on the grade - these ones at Rakuten can be ordered from anywhere between 4,800 yen and 27,000 yen. I think our one was for about 10,000 yen. If you really wanted, you could get *one* at Mitsukoshi for 315,000 yen (4095 USD) ^^; The expensive ones would have high grade ingredients and layout of the box designed by some charisma chef.