Abandoned London after Christmas

Vor drei Jahren bloggte ich über Ian Visits Fotos vom menschenverlassenen London, die er morgens an Weihnachten geknippst hatte. 2011 hat er's wieder getan. Aus seinem Blogeintrag:

London is never silent, not even at 3am, but on Xmas morning, it is almost silent. The background drone of aircraft approaching Heathrow has gone, and away from main roads, the streets lack the sound of car tyres rolling over tarmac.

Heading home, also a sound you never really hear now – the pealing of church bells. Not just coming from a single church you are nearby, but from all over the city as the sound carries far further than usual and surrounds you from all sides. Magical.

Photos of an Empty London on Christmas Morning (via MeFi)
Hier das Flickr-Set: London deserted at Christmas

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