CC-licensed eBook on Lucid Dreaming

Einen luzider Traum oder auch Klartraum hat man dann, wenn man ihn bewusst erlebt und steuern kann und das kann man lernen. Jetzt hat Mindhacks-Autor Tom Stafford zusammen mit einem lucid Dreamer eine Anleitung in Form eines Reiseführers dazu geschrieben, das Ding steht unter CC-Lizenz und gibts gratis (man muss sich allerdings anmelden und man darf auch einen Dollar bezahlen, wenn man will) für alle Reader. Ich hab's mir grade runtergeladen und werde es morgen mal anlesen, dürfte schätzungsweise superinteressant sein.

Anyone can learn to have lucid dreams, and this ebook tells you how. Lucid dreams are those dreams where you become aware you are dreaming, and can even begin to control the reality of the dream. Adventure, problem-solving and consequence-free indulgence await! And for those interested in the mind, lucid dreams are a great place to explore the nature of their own consciousness. The ebook is written as a sort of travel guide, telling you what you need to take on your journey and what to expect when you start to lucid dream. It finishes off with a quick review of the scientific literature on lucid dreaming and links and references for further reading if you want to continue your exploration of lucid dreaming.

I wrote this with friend, and lucid dreamer, Cat Bardsley. My wife Harriet Cameron provided some beautiful illustrations which you can find throughout the book (and on the cover you can see here). The book is Creative Commons licensed so you can copy it and share it as you will, and even modify and improve (as long as you keep the CC licensing). It’s available on smashwords on a pay-what-you-want-basis (and that includes nothing, so it is yours for free if you’d like).

Control your dreams (ebook)