Beer in Space-Tourism ready for Liftoff

Vor ungefähr einem Jahr hatte ich die Story der 4 Pines Brauerei aus Australien, die Bier für Space-Touristen braut. Jetzt haben sie wohl alles fertig getestet und bieten für 2012/2013 Ausflüge in die äußere Atmosphäre bei Zero-G mit Space-Bier an. Und man bekommt natürlich ein T-Shirt. Ob da draufsteht „I became pissed in space and all I've got was this lousy T-Shirt“ weiß ich allerdings nicht.

You'll be amongst the first human beings to take part in the next frontier of space exploration, and go where no man (or woman) has gone before. You'll pass through the Kármán line, the official height of space at 100 kilometers / 62 miles altitude where you'll be weightless for 5–10 minutes, with a view that will simply take your breath away. The beer you'll drink has been specifically brewed for consumption in space, and is officially certified as space beer.

It's one small thirst for man, one giant first for mankind.

Tour includes:
- Space flight or zero gravity flight
- 2 to 3 days preparing for space flight
- Introduction to consuming liquids in space
- Vostok Space Beer (brewed by our mates at 4 Pines Brewing Company)
- One hell of a party afterwards (Thirsty Swagman style of course)
- Extras incl. video production, space beer shirt, astronaut certificate etc.
- The most incredible view of earth you've ever had through a bottle

Beer in Space flights are planned for 2012 / 2013 from US$95,000 (space flight) and from $9,900 (zero gravity / parabolic flight).

Beer in Space (via Ronny)

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