Google deletes Fuckfingers

Google+ hat – ohne das zu kommunizieren! – das Profilbild von Techcrunch-Autor MG Siegler gelöscht, weil er darauf einen Stinkefinger zeigte. (via Boing Boing) Jetzt war die Klarnamen-Diskussion schon albern genug und Google kann mit seiner Plattform machen, was es will, auch wenn's nix bringt und Google Plus wohl auch deshalb vor allem von .doc-Ausdruckern und Leuten frequentiert wird, die weiße Hosen tragen. Aber den Leuten das Profilbild löschen, weil sie darauf den Stinkefinger zeigen? Das ist der Punkt, an dem ich sagen muss: Ich bin raus.

Ich habe mein Profilbild entsprechend geändert (siehe rechts und nein, ich bin nicht stoned sondern grade erst aufgestanden). Aus der Sidebar fliegt der Kram in zwei Minuten raus, Google Plus spielt ohnehin keine Rolle (obwohl es die schickeren Features hat). Google Fail.

Earlier today I noticed something funny. My Google profile picture — the picture associated with my Gmail account, my GChat account, my Google+ account, etc — had vanished. A bug? Nope.

It turns out, Google — without telling me — went into my account and deleted my profile picture. Why? Because I am giving the middle finger in it. See: above.

While ridiculous prudish, I figured this was probably the case so I uploaded the picture again to make sure. Sure enough, gone. At least this time, Googler Alex Joseph left a comment as to why:

As the first point of interaction with a user’s profile, all profile photos on Google+ are reviewed to make sure they are in line with our User Content and Conduct Policy. Our policy page states, “Your Profile Picture cannot include mature or offensive content.” Your profile photo was taken down as a violation of this policy. If you have further questions about the policies on Google+ you can visit, or click the “Content Policy” link located in the footer of Google+ pages.

My problem isn’t so much with the fact that I couldn’t have a profile picture of myself giving everyone the finger — which I can and do on Twitter and elsewhere — it’s that no one bothered to tell me or warn me before they just went into my account and deleted the picture. What if this was the only place I had stored the picture?