The Midnight Archive Episode 8: The Grand Guignol

 Youtube Direktparis, via Morbid Anatomy

Hier die achte Folge des Midnight Archives mit dem Vorläufer aller Horror- und Splatterfilme: das Grand Guignol-Theater in Paris. Das Thema Horrorshow auf einer Bühne ist seit dem ein immer wiederkehrendes im Genrekino, einer der bekanntesten dürfte Tromas „Blood Sucking Freaks“ sein.

I have to admit - before i began this whole thing - i had no idea what the Grand Guignol theater was... I was raised on a magnificent diet of blood and gore as a kid. (For Christ's sake - i gave up my career as an adjunct professor to work for less than minimum wage at Troma films...) But - as always - the unsung bastard of this artform was a sleazy theatre in paris where eyes were gouged out - faces were burnt off - and torturous agony was displayed before some of the wealthiest and most affluent aristocrats while visiting the fabulous city of blights... (lights).

In this episode - Mel Gordon - the man who LITERALLY wrote the book on the Grand Guignol gives us a brief explanation of what it was and what it meant to society, the world and all those other things i could care less about... I knew nothing about the theater before i started this as i've stated - and i've learned about 3 minutes more than that as i hope you will... enjoy... and please consider chopping up your neighbor as a fun tribute.