Bookmarks for Dezember 17th: 1966 Batman-Intro in Lego, International Food-Art-Incident and Saddam, Googles L-Team

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Sweden Is Lending The Country's Twitter To Citizens | Geekosystem: In a weird but awesome move, Sweden has started a campaign where its official Twitter account, @sweden, will be taken over and operated by a different Swede every week.

Occupy Goes to Washington, Finding Politics is Complicated | Threat Level | Even by Occupy Wall Street standards, the Washington, D.C. situation is messy and uncertain.

Artist Michael Rakowitz on How His Saddam Hussein Dinner Party Became an International Incident | Artinfo: When a dinner of venison topped with date and tahini sauce was served on plates taken from Saddam Husseins private collection at Park Avenue Autumn for Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitzs project „Spoils“, the assorted art-world diners didn't bat an eye – but now New York Citys Iraqi mission has, turning Rakowitzs piece into an international incident. The controversy, exploding on the eve of the U.S.s supposed withdrawal from Iraq, has had reverberations touching the artist, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and president Obama himself. As Iraqi artifacts, the plates have been confiscated by the Iraqi mission after a cease-and-desist letter was sent to the restaurant, and were presented by Obama to the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

Exclusive: Google CEO's inner circle: Meet the L Team | Reuters: The most powerful group at Google Inc used to be known simply as "The OC," short for operating committee. Now, it goes by a more telling name: „L Team“ short for Larry's Team.

Parting Shot: 'Go Freelance,' The Board Game About Being a Comics Freelancer
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ARYZ x MONTANA LiSBOA | Silkscreen Print on Vimeo
The Command Line Crash Course - Controlling Your Computer From The Terminal
awesome Gmail Tips : Gmail as you have never known it before
Mars Attacks Portfolio of Roughs Published ~ 1982
Web Symbols typeface
StarCraft changed my life

Early sound recordings heard for first time: Scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California together with digital conversion experts at the Library of Congress and curators of the work and industry division of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History have succeeded in playing some of the earliest experimental sound recordings by Alexander Graham Bell.

Bradley Manning Had Secrets | Adam Butcher - Writer. Director. Filmmaker: The story of Bradley Manning, not as a Wikileaks ‘hacktivist’, but as a young American soldier simultaneously going through a crisis-of-conscious and a crisis-of-identity. Animated in a rotoscoped pixel-art style and using dialogue from Bradley’s online conversations, the film explores issues of personal and political secrets, digital identity and alienation.

Changing Contours of Global Order, Professor Noam Chomsky - YouTube: Professor Noam Chomsky presented a lecture „Changing Contours of Global Order“ a look at our drastically changing world, and the implications for domestic and world order on 4 November 2011. This was a free public lecture and was Professor Chomskys only public appearance in Melbourne, Australia.

Art Spiegelman Lecture at SHU - YouTube: SHU ComicsAnimation has uploaded a good, long video featuring Art Spiegelman giving a lecture – it features discussion about Maus, the Holocaust in the media and the craft of creating comics.

Adrian Frutiger - Ein Leben - YouTube: Mit Schriften wie der Univers und der Frutiger hat sich Adrian Frutiger schon zu Lebzeiten ein Denkmal gesetzt. Seine Schriften haben den Alltag geprägt und sind zum Beispiel auf den Euro Scheinen wieder zu finden. Einer der größten Designer des 20. Jahrhunderts ist den meisten Menschen vollkommen unbekannt. Dieses Interview soll das ändern.

Mozilla Reinvents Web Video With Popcorn 1.0 | Webmonkey | Popcorn is simply a JavaScript library that aims to simplify the process of adding external data culled from around the web to your video. To give an idea of what’s possible with Popcorn, Mozilla is showcasing the movie One Millionth Tower, a documentary film about an apartment building and how residents imagine the future. One Millionth Tower premiered online last weekend at If you haven't seen it yet, head over to the Underwire blog.
One Millionth Tower uses some tricks beyond Popcorn (like WebGL for some 3D elements), but most of its coolest effects — like the way the environment in the film changes based on the real-time weather conditions and time of day at the Toronto high-rises where the documentary was filmed — are all courtesy of Popcorn.
If it happens to be snowing in Toronto when you watch the film, it will begin snowing in the virtual world of One Millionth Tower.