Calvin & Hobbes Killer-Snowmen made from Clay and Sugar

 Youtube Direktbill, via Topless Robot

Jim Frommeyer hat die Killer-Schneemänner aus Calvin und Hobbes aus Knete und anderem Kram nachgebaut und auf seinem Esstisch abgefilmt. Großartig!

First thing to know is that every shot is practical. Every snowman was built from scratch. And it was all filmed on my dining table.

There was no single method used for anything. Some snowmen were playdough (out of focus snowmen), some were wire frame sculpty models (hero snowmen), paper mache (larger models). We did try to keep clay with clay and mache with mache within shots. Depending on the size of the shot and model, either sugar, flour, or a 1:4 mix of both was used. The smaller stuff used flour. Paint the model with white paint, and roll it in the sugar. Boom. Snowman.

A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

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