Adelaides Forgotten Outlaws

I love love love this one. Peter Drewards hat alte Fotos Kleinkrimineller aus Adelaide ausgedruckt und Prints davon in seiner Stadt aufgehängt. Ich hab' ja sowieso 'ne romantische Ader für Outlaws und streng genommen bin ich selber einer. Nicht nur deshalb: Awesome!

 Vimeo Direktcriminal

I began pasting up the posters at night before I realised it would be much safer during the day dressed as a legitimate worker. This approach also seemed more fitting to the theme of questioning the criminality of street art. So when I donned the high vis vest and went about my business I didn’t feel like a criminal, I felt as thought I was performing a public good.

Each paste up stood 2.5 meters tall and included the criminal’s full name, conviction, sentence and date. Overall I pasted up 42 individual mug shots (21 sets of 2) to the cost of AU$1170 in printing alone. The project was entirely self funded.

Adelaides Forgotten Outlaws (via Wooster)