Sucklord occupies Cybertron

Toyremixer Sucklord von Suckadelic ist ein alter Nerdcore-Bekannter und hatte gestern eine neue Popup-Ausstellung für eine Nacht am Start mit Transformers-Toys und den Deceptions als die fiesen 1%. Hier ein Flickr-Set mit den gezeigten Toy-Remixen, ein paar davon nach dem Klick, Snip von Wired:

“I don’t claim to be part of Occupy Wall Street, to represent it or speak for it in any way, and I do not use the name directly in any of my offerings,” Sucklord, aka Morgan Phillips, told in an e-mail. “This project is my exploration into the way occupation as a means of protest has taken over popular culture. By transposing the idea into the world of Transformers, it underscores the concept’s applicability.”

Still, the one-night-only Occupy Cybertron exhibition has the New York artist carefully walking a tightrope fraught with fraying possibility.

Sucklord calls himself a Jerk of Art so you don't have to.
“I thought long and hard and nearly pulled the plug on this release, for fear of running afoul of the movement,” said Sucklord, who previously created a gay Star Wars toy collection. “I’m squarely in the camp of the 99 percent, and I know it’s anathema to the movement to profit off of it, so I want to make my intentions clear before anyone makes any snap judgments.”

With Occupy Cybertron, Sucklord Puts Decepticons in Suits

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