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Cyriaks Animationen feiere ich hier auf NC jetzt auch schon seit 5 Jahren, oben eine der ersten die ich hier hatte und grade habe ich das erste Interview auf Fast Company mit dem Mann gelesen. Leider befragen sie ihn nur oberflächlich zu seinen Wurzeln, genau da hätte ich gerne mehr drüber gewusst. Aber was willste von einem Magazin mit „Company“ im Titel auch schon erwarten.

Let's start with the star of Welcome to Kitty City. The cat's got charisma! I'm guessing it belongs to you?

The star of Kitty City also had a guest appearance in Meow Mix. He is sadly dead now, though he had a long and carefree life. This video was something of a tribute to his memory.

Welcome to Kitty City snagged more than 1.4 million views in two weeks, which speaks to the unique qualities of your work. Who are the filmmakers that put you on the path to YouTube? Terry Gilliam, during his Monty Python surrealist animation phase, seems to have informed some of your work.

Terry Gilliam has certainly played a large part, but I would also mention artists like Jan Svankmajer, Raoul Servais, and Zbig Rybczynski. The animations that most inspired me growing up were obscure artistic films that were usually shown late at night.

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