Bio-Design and Vic, the living Leatherjacket

Paola Antonelli vom MoMA hat für Domeus einen schönen Artikel über Bio-Design geschrieben, Kunst mit Bakterien und sowas. Viele der Projekte kannte ich und hatte ich schon auf NC, Vic die lebende Lederjacke allerdings nicht.

My first direct experience with a semi-living creature was with Victimless Leather (2004). I might as well call it Vic, since during the making of Design and the Elastic Mind we grew quite close. It was a small-scale "leather" jacket grown in vitro, a layer of mice stem cells growing onto a biodegradable polymer matrix shaped like a miniature coat.

Catts and Zurr came in from Australia and set up at a friendly lab at Columbia University. There, they got the little thing going in a bioreactor, which they then brought to MoMA and plugged in. Its presence was unmistakable, a slight mist partly covering the walls of the ampoule in which the coat sat, plastic tubes providing the nutrients to feed its evolution. It was alive, no doubt about it. At some point during the show, Vic started growing too fast and one sleeve almost came apart. It was time to stop it, the designers decided. But did that mean killing it? Was that a transformation from semi-living to undead? I was upset, in all honesty, and did not watch as the plug was pulled.

States of Design 07: Bio-design (via Hacker News)