Giant carnivorous Albino Snail

01.12.2011 Misc #Animals

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In Neuseeland hat man eine „Milky Bar Snail“ fotografiert, eine Albino-Version der Powelliphanta Schnecke, die so groß wie eine Hand wird und Würmer statt Salat frisst. Der zweite aufgezeichnete Fund von so 'nem Viech überhaupt und ich hab' schon jede Menge Albino-Tiere gesehen, aber sicher noch keine Schnecke.

It's the Milky Bar snail - a giant carnivorous albino Powelliphanta found living in New Zealand bush.

A group of trampers stumbled across the rare find - only the second recorded - during a trip though the Kahurangi National Park at the tip of the South Island. "Our group had seen three or four snails already that morning as it had rained and they'd come out in the wet conditions," said tramper Bill Brough, of Motueka.

"Then I saw the white snail and went wow! We were excited to see it, knowing how extraordinary it was."

Powelliphanta snails are found only in New Zealand and are the giants of the snail world. They are carnivores, with their favourite prey being earthworms. They also eat slugs.

Albino rarity: a glowing white snail (via Linkswarm)