Bill Gaines' Shoes hat eine Slideshow mit den Schuhen verstorbener Promis. So weit, so uninteressant. Aber: Da sind auch die Bronze-Schuhe von William Gaines dabei, Herausgeber und Erfinder von MAD Magazine und Herausgeber von Tales from the Crypt.

When MAD Founder and Publisher Bill Gaines died in 1992, MAD editor John Ficarra asked his widow, Annie, if he could have Gaines’ shoes — a pair of size 13 desert boots that Gaines always wore. (Ficarra felt he had no choice since Gaines, inexplicably, cut him out of his will, despite Ficarra’s years and years of dedicated service. Sometimes staying as late as 5 P.M.) But Ficarra showed no bitterness and immediately had the shoes bronzed and proudly displayed them on his desk.

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