Video-Portrait of Aaron Koblin, Maker of Coding-Art

(via Motherboard)

Aaron Koblins Name dürfte Euch nichts sagen, seine Projekte aber schon: Er hat Radioheads 3D-Datavisualizing-Video zu „House of Cards“ gemacht, Arcade Fires Browservideo zu „The Wilderness Downtown“ ebenso wie den Film „3 Dreams of Black“ für Dangermouse. Hatte ich alles hier im Blog, alles ziemlich sensationell (sein Johnny Cash-Project fand ich nicht so prickelnd, ging aber auch vor Jahren durch alle Blogs). Creators Project hat nun ein sehr schönes Video-Portrait mit Koblin.

Creator Aaron Koblin heads up the Data Arts Team at the Google Creative Lab and he’s been behind some of the most exciting and innovative online projects of recent times. His collaborations with director Chris Milk have given the world the browser-based music video The Wilderness Downtown, the collective, evolving tribute to Johnny Cash, The Johnny Cash Project, and the dynamic, surreal interactive film 3 Dreams of Black created for the song “Black” off Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album ROME.

His artwork takes data and digital technologies and creates experiences that are completely unexpected and personal, while also tapping into the sociality of art. His early experimentations in crowdsourced art are inventive and inspiring, using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk as a platform for harnessing the art hive mind of the web. This enabled people to tap into their creativity in an unfamiliar way while also allowing Koblin to experience the creative processes of others.

Whether he’s asking strangers to draw sheep or turning Radiohead into 3D scanned particles, his work explores how software can be transformed into stories.

Meet Aaron Koblin: Turning Software Into Stories