The Underbelly Underground-Streetartshow comes to Paris

Vor einem Jahr hatte ich was zum Underbelly-Project, einer Underground-Streetartshow in einer verlassenen U-Bahn-Station, die nirgends angekündigt wurde und sich nur durch Mund-zu-Mund-Propaganda verbreitete… bis die New York Times davon Wind bekam. Das schöne: Deshalb sind sie nicht an die Öffentlichkeit gegangen, stellen nun aber auf der Art Basel in Miami aus und haben eine Underground-Show in Paris auf die Beine gestellt. Unter den Künstlern für die Ausstellung in Miami sind Dutzende, die ich bereits hier auf NC hatte, hier nur ein paar: TrustoCorp, Revok, Ron English (Bild oben), Jeff Soto, Anthony Lister, Meggs, The London Police, Dan Witz, Swoon.

Zum Underbelly in Paris hat die Huffington Post einen ziemlich langen Artikel über das komplette Projekt inklusive Interviews:

Taking place over just 24 hours instead of 18 months, and featuring around 10 mainly European artists instead of more than 100, it was a quicker and more intense process.

"The execution of the project took less than 24 hours, yet the logistical planning took months. 10 artists, three organisers, two photographers and one writer from five countries descended on Paris for a few days to take part," said Workhorse, one of the curators of the NYC and Paris shows, in a statement about the project.

As for location all we can reveal is that it's somewhere beneath Paris, involves a long walk and possibly a climb.

"The drab grey subway shell quickly took shape, artists working side by side in near darkness, applying their creative vision to the surfaces of the abandoned hull," Workhorse described.

"The consistent hiss of spray paint was the backdrop of the project, a shuffling of feet and murmuring of voices that broke the silence. In less than 24 hours the walls were covered and we emerged above ground. The entrance was closed and as quickly as we arrived, we left to fly back to our respective homes."

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