Skyrim Serial Killer hoards Heads in his virtual House

29.11.2011 Games Misc #Killer

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 Youtube Direktskyrim

Hier das Video einer fröhlichen jungen Mannes, der sämtliche Gefährtinnen, die man in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim aufgabeln kann, geköpft, die Körper mal mehr mal weniger kunstvoll in seinem Haus ausgestellt hat und die Köpfe in einer Vitrine aufbewahrt. Oder wie's ein YT-Kommentator formuliert: „I'm finally in the normal part of Youtube“. WTF?! Von Badass Digest:

Remember when we were laughing about the guy who hoarded in Skyrim, whose in-game house was filled with absolute junk? The days since have seen a lot of variations on that concept - I liked one where a guy had a whole house full of cabbages - but this takes the cake. It's a guy who killed all of the female companions he could get in the game, beheaded them, and then kept their half-naked corpses laying around his home. He also has a bookcase filled with heads. And he uploaded a video of it to YouTube. Under the title Skyrim Sex Life.

[update] Wie passend/creepy mein neuer Playbutton dazu aussieht! Harrrr!