The Trumpet Kid from San Francisco

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Fabsn ist Designer auf Weltreise, schreibt ab und zu auch als Gastautor hier auf Nerdcore und hat in San Francisco mal Gabriel Angelo getroffen. Der ist 12 Jahre alt, spielt an einer Straßenecke alten Jazz und den Soundtrack von Der Pate auf der Trompete um sich seinen Musikunterricht zu finanzieren, tanzt dabei Step und zieht Klamotten aus einer anderen Zeit an. Jetzt hat er ihn wieder getroffen und ein sehr schönes Video dazu gedreht, die Fotos stammen von Daniel Castro. Groß!

 Youtube Direktkid

Gabriel Angelo is a San Francisco kid like many others. What makes him different is his enthusiasm for old jazz and blues pearls and his instrument, the trumpet.

I met him already during my earlier days in San Francisco when I passed the intersection at Mission/4th close to the downtown area. I couldn’t forget his performance while playing amazing grace, all dressed up like from different times way back. Next to him and open suitcase filled with dollar notes.

Daniel, the photographer I am working with, always wanted to take photos of “the trumpet kid” and I saw this as a good opportunity to shoot a small video about him. Apparently the reason why he’s performing day after day is a very simple one. He plays on the streets to earn money for his music lessons at the S.F. Conservatory of Music and Berkeley Jazz School. And when you see him out there just passing by, it feels like he is a professional and experienced performer. Kind of a grown-up in a childs costume, handing out business cards to people who are interested in booking him for an event. But after I got to talk to him I realized, he’s a kid like all the others but also a kid like no other.


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