Bonsai Kitten Plushy in a Jar

ThinkGeek verkauft Katzenplüschis im Einmachglas. Das nennt sich Bonsai Kitten und war eine der ersten Memes, so um 2000 rum. Das Ding hatte sich sehr schnell als Hoax von MIT-Studenten herausgestellt, aber das Gerücht hält sich bis heute. Ich selbst hatte mal eine Arbeitskollegen, der musste ich 2008 noch erklären, dass das ein Scherz war. Sie hat's mir nicht geglaubt.

A long time ago in a distant galaxy, no one knew what a meme was. "Meme?" they asked. "What the heck is a meme?" Then the Internet arrived to teach everyone. One of the earliest and most enduring memes was the poor case of the Bonsai Kitten. You may recall that the evil Dr. Chang was doing nefarious experiments to raise tiny kittens in jars. As they grew, the kitten's supple bones would mold themselves into the shape of the jar and become even more... cute? […]

Important Note: No cats kittens or kittehs were harmed in the creation of this product. For the uninformed, the original Bonsai kitten joke was a hoax (aka NOT real). Dr. Chang is a fictional character and real cats wouldn't live long in a glass jar. Here at ThinkGeek, we love cats. We want to hug all of them, which is crazy cuz we can't hug every cat. But we just want to. Okay?

Bonsai Kitty Plush (via WhokilledBambi?)