Obey Giants updated Hope-Poster for the 99%

Shepard Fairey hat sein Hope-Poster von der Obama-Kampagne 2008 für Occupy Wallstreet aktualisiert. Nette Bemerkung am Ende seines Postings dazu: „I’m still trying to work out copyright issues I may face with this image“ in Anspielung auf den Copyright-Rechtsstreit mit AP damals. Auch schön: Jemand hat die Bank of Amerika ziemlich subtil verschönert und Alexis Madrigal hat beim Atlantic einen tollen Artikel: A Guide to the Occupy Wall Street API, Or Why the Nerdiest Way to Think About OWS Is So Useful.

The most fascinating thing about Occupy Wall Street is the way that the protests have spread from Zuccotti Park to real and virtual spaces across the globe. Metastatic, the protests have an organizational coherence that's surprising for a movement with few actual leaders and almost no official institutions. Much of that can be traced to how Occupy Wall Street has functioned in catalyzing other protests. Local organizers can choose from the menu of options modeled in Zuccotti, and adapt them for local use. Occupy Wall Street was designed to be mined and recombined, not simply copied.

This idea crystallized for me yesterday when Jonathan Glick, a long-time digital journalist, tweeted, "I think #OWS was working better as an API than a destination site anyway."