Inside a Magic Truffles Factory

Vice hat ein sehr schönes Interview mit den Betreibern einer Psilocybin-Trüffelfarm in Holland, wo man im Jahr 2008 Magic Mushrooms verboten hat, diese Trüffel sind nun die letzten legalen Shrooms. Auf Youtube findet man noch ein nettes Commercial der Magic Truffels Factory.

In the bucolic pastures of Hazerswoude-Dorp, nestled in verdant fields of ruminating Holsteins, lazy windmills, and pert tulips, lies a quaint Dutch farm that functions as the world’s largest psilocybin-containing-truffle factory. […]

In 2008, the Dutch government banned virtually every known psilocybin-mushroom species but neglected to outlaw the humble hypogeal sclerotium. Overnight these scleroid nuggets of fungal flesh—truffles—became the only legal source of psilocybin in the Netherlands, and so I flew to Amsterdam to learn about their history and propagation.

Before the ban, mushrooms were your most popular item, much more so than sclerotia, correct?
Murat: Yes, the truffles were just for the connoisseur. It was a side product at that time, accounting for less than 20 percent of our business. We have been growing them steadily for 15 years, but we grew them mostly because of their novelty. Then the ban came. What the government did was add a list of 186 more or less active mushrooms to the Opium Act. When we took a closer look at that list, we noticed that sclerotia weren’t mentioned. If they are not mentioned they are not illegal, so we continued growing our truffles.

Why do you think they neglected to list sclerotia? Was it intentional, or was it an oversight?
Murat: They were aware of sclerotia, because it was discussed at length in Parliament, and they started asking the Ministry of Health questions about truffles. The Ministry came to the conclusion that truffles are weaker so they are less dangerous, and that’s why they were not listed. But to my knowledge, the truffles are more potent than many mushroom species. Of course, we were not going to be the ones to argue that before Parliament.

Shroom Ban means more Magic Truffles for the Netherlands (via Reddit)