Christian Nuts: Star Wars-Figures can be demonic!

 Youtube Direktdemons, via Cyn-C

Dieser Gentleman erzählt uns, dass Star Wars-Figuren von satanischen Dämonen besessen sein können. Das erklärt einiges. Von Youtube:

Yes, I have a sick obsession with watching low budget Christian television. I don't know what's wrong with me but I know I'm not alone!

Episode 6: Star Wars, Smurfs, Pokemon, Harry Potter

Advocating book burning, homophobia, Ouija boards cause birth defects - this episode presents a true potpourri of superstitious fundamentalism. I've tried to tone down my picard-palming as requested (it's a challenge), and am experimenting with some new techniques... on-going process.

In response to some comments: This isn't parody or trolling, these people are completely serious.