Alan Moore on Harvey Pekar

 Vimeo Direktmoore, via Boing Boing

Harvey Pekars Frau finanziert grade eine Statue als Memorial für ihren viel zu früh gestorbenen Mann, der nach Robert Crumb wohl der wichtigste Underground-Comickünstler war. Im Video oben erzählt Alan Moore ein bisschen von seinem Kumpel und motiviert nochmal, an der Kickstarter-Runde teilzunehmen, auch wenn die Summe fast schon beisammen ist. Und ich liebe Alan Moore Slang.

A way to celebrate comics as art and literature at a Cleveland Heights public library. A literary landmark, a desk that's always filled with paper and pencils for people to sit and write or draw comics at the same place where Harvey Pekar liked to work.

Mounted on the desk, a sculpted bronze comic book “page.” Stepping out from a panel, Harvey-- using his semi celebrity to focus on the creative possibilities of the art form he opened up to so many people. On the reverse, gridded into bronze ruled "panels," a giant slate storyboard that looks very much the way Harvey always started his own scripts. (He wrote and drew stick figures, just like Paul Giamatti in that movie.)

Harvey Pekar Library Statue: Comics as Art & Literature Desk

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