Paul Simonon arrested as Undercover Greenpeace Cook

 Youtube Direktgreenpeace, via Dangerous Minds

Paul Simonon, ehemaliger Bassist von The Clash, hat Anfang des Jahres inkognito auf der MV Esperanza, einem Boot von Greenpeace, als Koch gearbeitet, wurde bei einer der Aktionen festgenommen, hat mit den Aktivisten zwei Wochen im Knast verbracht (ohne seinen wahren Namen zu verraten) und auch dort lecker Essen gekocht, weil der Knastfraß so miserabel war. Coole Sau.

Simonon was one of 18 activists arrested in June, after the Esperanza launched speedboats at the Leiv Eriksson oil rig off the coast of Greenland. Greenpeace was protesting against the Arctic rig, whose owners had allegedly refused to disclose their oil-spill disaster plan. […]

According to Greenpeace, Simonon joined the mission weeks before. He first approached the group's UK action coordinator Frank Heweston, asking if he could "make a stand against Arctic oil drilling" by becoming part of a ship's crew. Heweston agreed on the condition that Simonon go undercover. "Paul the assistant cook" was embraced by his peers, recalled third mate Martti Leinonen, as a "quiet, humble and funny guy". "He worked really hard, cooking even on Sundays, which is usually the cook's day off."

After the Esperanza protesters were arrested, Simonon spent two weeks in a cell – still keeping his identity a secret. "The food was so bad, we finally got the guards to agree to let Paul cook," Leinonen said. "He makes excellent vegetarian food."

The Clash's Paul Simonon arrested while working as undercover Greenpeace activist