Black Sabbath Reunion

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Ich hatte schon im August eine Meldung zur kommenden Reunion von Black Sabbath, damals hatte Tommy Iommi erstmal dementiert. Jetzt hat die Band die Meldung auf einer Pressekonferenz bestätigt, kann man sich auf der Website der Band ansehen. Die Reunion ist nicht wirklich die große Neuigkeit, dafür aber das neue Studioalbum, das erste in 33 Jahren, produziert von Rick Rubin.

Vom Rolling Stone:

The surprise news was that the reunion will include a new album, produced by Rick Rubin, due next fall.

Host Henry Rollins […] brought Rubin and the four Sabbath bandmates to the Whisky stage, where they'd played 41 years earlier to the day. Rollins hosted a Q&A before the band answered questions from the assembled press corps.

"Why now?" Rollins began. Osbourne summed it up: "It's just time," he said. Those sentiments were echoed by Iommi, who said, "It’s now or never. We get along great. Everything’s really good." The band also credited Rubin's persistence for helping get them back in the studio. "He phoned us every five minutes," Iommi joked.

"I’ve known Rick for many years," Osbourne added. "He wanted to do it a long time ago."

Black Sabbath Announce New Album Produced by Rick Rubin - Reunited band to tour in the fall and headline Download Festival in June