The 1797 Top Hat Riot of London

11.11.2011 Misc #Hat #Vintage

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Futility Closet hat eine (sehr kurze) Story über Ausschreitungen in London am 15. Januar (mein Geburtstag!) 1797, weil ein Herr namens John Hetherington es wagte, einen Zylinder zu tragen.

According to The American Hatter, London haberdasher John Hetherington nearly caused a riot when he wore the first tophat into the Strand on Jan. 15, 1797:

An excited throng gathered about the owner and the crowd soon increased to such a dangerous extent that the authorities had to interfere. The next morning the daring haberdasher was brought before the Lord Mayor charged with ‘walking down a public highway wearing upon his head a tall structure having a shining lustre calculated to alarm the people.’

Witnesses testified that “women had fainted, that children had gone into hysterics and that one lad sustained a broken arm through the violence of the mob.” Hetherington asserted his right to dress as he chose, but the Lord Mayor fined him $5,000.

Menace to Society