Radioactive Artproject from Tokyo and Berlin

10.11.2011 Misc #Art #AtomAge

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Schönes Projekt von Lucas Buschfeld und Markus Hoffmann: „The work aloop net Tokyo–Berlin consists of two connected boxes. One is located at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the other one is located at the Institut für Raumexperimente in Berlin. Each Box contains a sensor and a monitor. The sensor measures the sitespecific background radiation of its particular space. Everytime a radioactive event is detected the signal is transmitted via internet and synchronously induces a fade from white to black on the monitor of the associated city. The visitors can become part of the installation by viewing the website and spreading the signals. The right side of the page represents decay processes measured in Tokyo, the left side represents Berlin.“ Ansehen kann man sich das Geflacker hier, erstaunlicherweise war, als ich grade nachgesehen habe, mehr Radioaktivität in Berlin als in Tokyo. (Danke Philipp!)