Berlusconis Greatest Hits

Reuters hat die Knallerquotes von der Berlusconi-Pfeiffe zusammengestellt:

NOV 2011: Berlusconi comments on the state of Italy's economy. "Life in Italy is life in a prosperous country. We see that on every occasion, consumption has not gone down, the restaurants are full, you have trouble booking seats on airplanes, holiday areas are totally booked out on long weekends. I don't think that if you went to live in Italy that Italy is feeling anything that could resemble a serious crisis." […]

SEPT 2011: In widely reported wiretapped conversations, Berlusconi brags of fending off a line of young women outside his door and "doing only eight girls, because I couldn't do more." […]

NOV 2008: Berlusconi hails Barack Obama as "handsome, young and also suntanned," after he was elected the United States' first black president.

FEB 2006: "I am the Jesus Christ of politics," Italian media quote Berlusconi as telling supporters.

Berlusconi's gaffes, quips and pranks (via The Awl, die definitiv die bessere Headline haben: „See, Italian Prime Ministers Bang Hookers Like This“)