3D-printed, jumping Robot-Spider

Das Fraunhofer Institut hat eine Roboterspinne entwickelt. Das Biest hat mit Beinen einen Durchmesser von rund einem halben Meter, es kann springen und es wurde auf einem 3D-Drucker ausgegeben, was heisst, dass es sich mit ein bisschen Technikgefummel selbst replizieren kann. Und das wiederum heisst: They're jumping to get you, Barbara!

Designed by a team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation in Germany, this prototype robospider was 3D printed, meaning that more of them than I would personally be comfortable with can be manufactured quickly and cheaply. A hydraulic pump in the body provides fluid pressure to the limbs allowing the robot to crawl forwards and backwards, and some versions are apparently powerful enough to leap off the ground, grab you by the throat, and rip your head off. Or maybe not that last bit. Maybe.

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