The Midnight Archive Ep.6: The Empire of Death

(Youtube Direktdeath)

Ronni von The Midnight Archive hat mir grade die sechste Episode seiner Webserie über komische Dinge geschickt. Diesmal gehts um Dr. Paul Koudounaris und sein Buch „The Empire of Death“, über das ich kürzlich gebloggt hatte.

EPISODE 06 : The Empire Of Death - Art In Human Bone -- The episode introduces us to Paul Koudounaris who traveled the world in search of ossuaries and charnel houses. He managed to find more than 70 of these wonderfully elaborate houses of death and photographed them for his book The Empire Of Death. Its a travelogue for the macabre and the curious - but - as a catholic with a great aapreciation for the veneration of the dead - i think its much more than that as Paul will explain. His book in not to be missed - it contains not only some of the most striking visuals, in some cases NEVER photographed, but contains some very interesting and in alot of cases hilarious anecdotes.

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