Makers of the Nerdbots: Videoportrait

02.11.2011 Misc #DIY #Robots

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Schönes Videoportrait von Josh Rosenbaum über Nicholas und Angela Snyder, deren Nerdbots – Roboter-Skulpturen aus Schrott – ich hier auch schon vor ein paar Jahren mal hatte.

Self-proclaimed nerds Nicholas and Angela Snyder turn garbage into robots in their Kansas City studio. The husband-and-wife team sorts through piles of junk at scrapyards, antique shops, and thrift stores, bringing home objects to make Nerdbots, robot sculptures with a whole lot of personality. No two Nerdbots are the same—in fact, each adoptable robot comes with a name and a bio, which features its hobbies and interests. We visited the Snyders' studio to learn more about their lovable robots, and we even got to join them on a trip to the junkyard.