Economic Superhero Unemployed Man at Occupy Wallstreet

Das wurde jetzt aber auch langsam mal Zeit: Der erste arbeitslose Superheld der Comic-Geschichte, Unemployed Man, hat sich zu Halloween bei den Occupy Wallstreet-Protesten sehen lassen, zusammen mit seinen Mitstreitern Krug Man, Captain Generica, Wonder Mother und dem Slotbot 3000, „a 16-foot-tall robotic representation of the New York Stock Exchange“.

Von Wired: Unemployed Man Is the Unofficial Superhero of Occupy Wall Street.

Unemployed Man and his costumed colleagues stormed Wall Street on Monday morning, bringing some superhero street theater — and a 16-foot evil robot known as the Slot Bot — to the Occupy protests in New York.

The Superheroes versus Economic Supervillains smackdown was staged by Gan Golan, 37, co-author of the 2010 graphic novel The Adventures of Unemployed Man. Occupy Wall Street is a perfect stage for the book’s characters, a team of superheroes battling economic injustice.

“People at Occupy are fighting incredible forces in our society — that’s a perfect description of what you find in a superhero,” Golan told

Golan donned Unemployed Man’s custom orange-and-blue fetish costume for Monday’s event and joined others dressed as economic warriors from the book: undocumented worker Fantasma, student-debt-burdened Master of Degrees, Captain Generica and Wonder Mother. They waged battle against dark forces of the Just Us League, including such scoundrels as The Outsourcerer, Pink Slip and a the giant Slot Bot — part robot, part casino, with a head shaped like the New York Stock Exchange building and a menacing vacuum arm that hoovered up money.

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