Richard Beymers Twin Peaks Photos

Richard Beymers Fotos am Set von David Lynchs Twin Peaks geistern jetzt auch schon ein paar Jahre durchs Netz, ich hatte die Dinger schonmal vor vier Jahren gebloggt, aber da der Link von damals tot und die Aufnahmen immer noch fantastisch sind, jetzt eben nochmal.

When Twin Peaks’ in-house photographer had quit and no further promotional shots were needed since the show was cancelled, Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne) took his Olympus camera to the set and was given David Lynch’s thumbs up to document the last days of filming the show. His behind the scenes photography (partly included in the Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD set) has become legendary, showing the actors both in and out of character, and The Black Lodge from angles you haven’t seen it before.

Richard Beymer’s Twin Peaks Photos und Richard Beymer’s Behind The Scenes Photos (via Martin)