Doku-Trailer: Art as a Weapon

Schönes Projekt von Jeffrey Durkin, der grade die Doku „Art as a Weapon“ über Politik, Burma und Streetart über Kickstarter finanziert.

Art as a weapon will look at the power of creativity for social change, by using the fight for Democracy in Burma as a case study. Giving the audience a peek into the creative movement that is happening on the Thai/Burma boarder by young Burmese refugees- A Buddhist monk poet, a Burmese punk band and a political street artist will show us- that out of great struggle comes great creativity.

Art as a Weapon is a feature documentary that will also investigate the dialogue between the people of Burma’s fight for democracy and the western artists who respond by supporting their struggle through art. This will be a “connections film” which looks at the overlap between the big forces that shape humanity- Art, Politics and Religion in both the eastern and western worlds. By combining beautiful cinematography, clean graphic design, Buddhist philosophy, emotional interviews and Art that carries a message, the project will illustrate the power of art in a modern-day revolution. Part art film, part political film, the goal is to continue spreading the word by using art as a weapon for peace in Burma.

Art As A Weapon (via Obey Giant)