k10k R.I.P.

Kaliber 10000 aka k10k is no more. Eine der ältesten, vielleicht das älteste Design-Portal im Netz war schon seit Jahren fast komplett inaktiv, jetzt haben sie nach 15 Jahren den Stecker gezogen. k10k war damals in den 90ern meine erste Anlaufstation im Netz (zusammen mit dem schon vor Jahren eingestellten Pixelsurgeon), ihr Newsfeed war eins der Vorbilder für Nerdcore. Sad Day.

K10k was built up around the weekly “issue” - an experiment-like format where anything went, and where designers / design teams got to strut their stuff, flex their creative muscles, without having to worry about anyone looking over their shoulder.

Over the years the site expanded with numerous other sections - including the massive [on] display exhibition, different forms of special features (games, animated stories, anything that didn't fit within the issue format), and an almost-hourly updated design news feed, which was supplied by a select group of top designers from all over the world.

While there's a deep fondness for the community, artwork and innovation that was catalyzed by K10k, we are strong believers that timing is everything. Having gratefully enjoyed every millisecond of that fifteen year run, its time has come and so we must bid adieu to Barney and the clan.

The original designer's lunchbox (via Jason Kottke)