Childhood Concept Menu

24.10.2011 Misc #Food #Kids

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(Youtube Direktmacncheese, via )

Sehr schönes Video zu einem sehr tollen Konzept für das Childhood Concept Menu des Next-Restaurants in Chicago, die mit Kids gekocht haben und „Kindheits-Menü“ mit Anspielungen auf Toys der 70er, 80er und 90er angerichtet haben. Von Next Childhood Sells Out; Grant Achatz & Dave Beran Talk About the Concept, Menu.

So how will you translate childhood on to a plate?
Achatz: I think it's going to take people by surprise, what we've come up with. I feel like people think we're going to just make mac and cheese and meatloaf, but this menu is very Alinea. It's highly manipulated, conceptual, highly refined. The childhood theme is the creative jumping off point. Clearly we're not going to give you whole wheat bread with PBJ. We're trying to wrap our heads around quintessential childhood growing up in the late '70s, '80s and early '90s in the Midwest. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.